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Google Shopping Management

Comprehensive Google Shopping Advertising

Google Shopping Advertising platform offers merchants various ways to display and sell precise products right from the search results page’s product listing showcase.

As per research, Shopping Advertising campaigns now drive around 57% of all e-commerce paid search traffic clicks on Google.

We design and organize Google Shopping Advertising campaigns to optimize conversions and profitability by ensuring your products show up for the right keywords most likely to result in successful sales.

With so much at stake, Google Shopping Advertising Campaign success claims a dual attention on both marketing strategies and technology in order to synchronizeoptimizations between your product data feed and campaigns.

Accomplishment on Google Shopping Campaigns requires both, constantly customizing the Google Merchant Product Feed in agreement with steering ad visibility levers within campaigns designed in AdWords. Byworking on enduring process of analysing all SKUs in product feed and treating each SKU as its own importance to get the traffic, merchants can maximize their visibility, performance and profitability.

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Product Feed Management& Optimization

Today, Businessesrather small, medium or large need a strong search presence on internet to be competitive and google is the main search engine to explore your presence, which means showing advertise on Google Search results pages right when customers are looking to buy or need relevant information.

We coordinate with your developers if you have or create your product feed from our end for you, giving you the more flexibility and scalability required to take your advertising to the next level. Once it’s done, the merchant product feed will be refined and ready to distribute across all the shopping networks and campaigns we use.

What You Obtain from this Value-Added Service

  • Product Data Feed Setup
  • Weekly Updates on Feed Changes
  • Custom Formations for Google, Bing & Facebook
  • Ongoing Product Feed Optimizations and Testings
  • Data Stabilization & Content Development Based on Buyer’s Search Queries
  • Monthly Planning and Strategy Alignment with Paid Search / Social Team

Furthermore, our expert’s analysis help us determine which products will be the most rewarding for your business, which channels and product groups are best for which products and whether or not products are worth advertising online from shopping.

By constant optimization of your feed and advertising approach, we set you up for success.

To find out how we can help to your ecommerce business and make shopping ads work for you, contact us today!