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Paid Search Marketing

There is no better time to advertise than when someone already has determined they want your product or service and is actively looking to buy. Whereas Google Paid Search Advertising is definitely the biggest paid search platform and Bing is on the number two.It isn’t the only two out there. Yahoo, AOL and even ASK also have paid search opportunities that can sometimes produce outstanding results but they can’t be compared with Google and Bing.

If your campaign is set up correctly, paid search advertising can be a very profitable way to make your product or service visible in front of potential customers who are actively looking for your solution. However, a badly planned and designed campaign can waste a lot of money which should be your profit if optimized well enough.

As you can possibly envision, running a successful paid search ads campaign requires a lot of time and manual attention and consideration. At Advictive, our certified paid search experts regularly monitor and optimize our clients’ accounts to ensure the optimum results possible.

Paid search advertising and marketing is not an easy task, but the results can re-define success for your business.

Paid Search Advertising Platforms

Paid search advertising (Text Ads) is the most important part of your PPC(Pay-Per-Click) advertising strategy. There are mainly two platforms where you can show your advertisements.

Google Paid Search
As per research and average data given by the Google - Google handles over 3 billion search queries every single day. That’s over a trillion searches a year and now a day after increasing the use of mobile and smart phones the number is growing on a large scale!

Today, Businessesrather small, medium or large need a strong search presence on internet to be competitive and google is the main search engine to explore your presence, which means showing advertise on Google Search results pages right when customers are looking to buy or need relevant information.

Mostly speaking, every digital marketing strategy should include some sort of paid search presence on Google. If you are not choosing advertise on Google means hand over your customers to your competitors because your competitors have presence on Google.

Bing/Yahoo paid search
As per research, Google represents and produce about 70-80% of total online search traffic. Bing and Yahoo represent the other 20-30%. Google search traffic and advertisements are quite different from Bing or Yahoo traffic, so you can’t just export or copy your Google paid search advertising campaigns to a different platform like Bing or Yahoo. Sometimes, keywords (search queries) and advertise that perform poorly in Google might be more effective in Bing or Yahoo or vice versa.

Because of this different behaviour of search engines, it’s significant to recognize the differences between the search engines and setup custom tracking codes and analytics for each platform.

We are not justUsual Paid Search Agency

At Advictive, we design creative paid search campaigns that actually work. We better know how to stop losing moneythat ruin most campaigns. As an outcome, our constant efforts have re-defined paid search advertising success for hundreds of clients.

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Judgement Day : Based on your opportunity and our analysis, we may suggest a follow-up meeting for a more detailed digital assessment before start your campaigns.

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