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Retargeting also known as Remarketing technology allows us to display adverts precisely to users who visited your website but didn’t buy from you. This immensely powerful innovation in online advertising technology can produce remarkable conversion rates retargeting campaigns designed to bring back website visitors who already showed an interest in your product or service. Many times customers won’t convert on their very first visit to the website, Remarketing channel allows websites to show their products or services in front of customers who left your website without converting.

How Does Retargeting Works?

Retargeting works based on cookies of the user who visit your website once and then anonymously follow users browsing stuff across the web.

With the right script on your site, you can drop an anonymous cookie onto the browser of any new user who visits your website. That cookie follow the user’s visit of other websites and allow retargeting platform like Google to know that the user has visited your site and triggers your form of retargeting ad in various places throughout the platform’s display network based on your retargeting settings.

To confirm that you get countless results, you must need to optimize your retargeting strategy on regular basis and need to work when and how your retargeting ads should be displayed.

How much does it Cost?

Like other platforms of paid advertising, you have to bid to show your ads, but the cost for remarketing is usually lower than the paid search or shopping ads. As a result, retargeting advertisement is an affordable and easy way to reel in your potential customers you might have otherwise lost.

Different Retargeting Platforms

In today’s digital marketing world, In addition to the Google Display Network platform, there are some other digital advertising places where you can use retargeting method easily to drive traffic back to your website.

Google Remarketing

The Google Display Network platform is huge and apply retargeting through Google is an incredible way to stay top of mind to your visitors.

Google allows you to adapt your remarketing ads based on the specific products and pages a user browsed during their visit to your site. As a result, you can create tailored display ads that target specific audiences and demographics based on their interest to increase your conversions and revenue.

Dynamic Retargeting

For eCommerce companies like amazon with hundreds or thousands of products, defining an eCommerce remarketing campaign using traditional AdWords remarketingstrategy is nearly impossible to build or maintain.

Alternatively, Dynamic Retargeting allows you to create a single, easy-to-update and maintain product catalogue feed that places and show retargeting ads based on the exact products your users have viewed on your website.

Thus, rather than showing a common remarketing display ads for your business, the user will see an exact product ad for the specific items they’ve already seen—automatically!

Social Media Retargeting

The most engaging social media platform Facebook has about 1.5 billion users and counting. Twitter has over 300 million users. Chances are, you can find an opportunity to engage with lot of your non-converted traffic on one of these networks through remarketing.

With social retargeting campaign, your ads show up on the social media news feeds of previous visitors to your site. This combines the benefits of remarketing and audience targeting with the flexible, customized ad messaging offered by social media advertising.

Get More Out of Your Remarketing Campaigns

At Advictive, we identify that digital marketing doesn’t end with just a click on your PPC ad. Your audience needs to be encouraged to come again.

By integrating multiple advertising platforms and targeting ads for determinedresult, we guarantee that we’re capturing every possible conversion for our trusted clients.

To find out more on how we can use retargeting methods to get the most out of your site traffic, contact us today!